Bubblenet FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bubblenet?
Bubblenet is a social commerce app designed to make customer engagement easy and fun to improve customer satisfaction, retention and referrals.The app works best for business with customers paying recurring payments. E.g. fitness coaches, yoga studios, Childcare providers, music teachers, tutors, HomeOwners Associations etc. Think of Facebook, Whatsapp, Venmo, Stripe and eGiftcard store, all of these tools tailored to ensure you can keep your customers happy, satisfied and engaged and refer friends/family to increase your sales growth.
How does Bubblenet work?
Bubblenet works by grouping your customers based on the plan or program you run. Example, for fitness coaches this can be customers who join a specific program like cardio, crossfit etc.. or for a Childcare provider this can be infants, toddlers or preschool. You can create a group based on the plan or program, add members to the group, set recurring payments collection and chat with your group members to stay engaged.
How do I create a group?
Once you download the app and register, you can go to the Groups page and touch the “+” icon to create the group.
How do I invite members?
You can invite members by their phone numbers while creating the group. You will need to provide permission to Bubblenet app to access your contacts. Once you finish creating the group, the invitees will receive a text message to the mobile number you entered.
How does a Group work?
In the Bubblenet app, a group works similarly to a Facebook or Whatsapp group. The creator of the group “business owner” will be set as the group owner. The group owner will define the purpose of the group and configure payment information and set up automatic payments if you decide to use Bubblenet to collect payments. The group owner will select the bank to receive payments from the members of the group. The members of the group will accept the invite, and connect to their bank account in order to send payments to the group owner.
I don’t want to provide my banking or other personal details, how can I still make use of Bubblenet?
Bubblenet collects personal information and banking details only if you intend to use Bubblenet for sending or receiving money. If you do not want to send or receive money through Bubblenet, you can still use the app to create group, communicate with group members and send automatic payment reminders so can get paid through other modes.
Can I use Bubblenet to only send payment reminders and collect payment through cash or other modes?
Yes, you can use Bubblenet to send automatic push and email notifications reminding the member about a recurring payment.
Can I create multiple groups?
Yes, you can create multiple groups.
Can I be a part of multiple groups?
Yes, you can be part of multiple group both as a group owner or a member.
How do I add/remove members of the Group?
You can add or remove members to the group in group settings by tapping the group icon at the top right corner and selecting “Members” screen.
How does money transfer work with Bubblenet?
Bubblenet uses renowned third party ACH transfer provider “Dwolla” for transferring money between users. You can learn more about Dwolla here. To learn about how ACH works click here.
Why do I need to provide additional information as part of KYC?
Know Your Customer or KYC is a process of verifying the customer idenity to comply with the U.S. Patriot act. You can read more about it in this Wikipedia page.
What type of payment methods are possible?
At present, Bubblenet only accepts ACH bank transfers. We hope to introduce other payment methods like Debit, Credit and Paypal in the future. ACH is the lowest cost option for payments, and this helps us to keep Bubblenet fees low to benefit our users.
What is the social network/chat feature in Bublnet and how it is useful?
Bublenet’s social feature is very similar to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social network apps. You can post messages, like a post and add comments to interact with your group members and the wider network of Bubblenet users.
How do I delete a group?
As a group owner, you can delete the Group by opening Group Settings and selecting the “delete” option at the bottom of the page. As the group owner you are responsible to ensure you communicate with the members of the group when you decide to delete the group.
How can I remove a member from the Group?
As a group owner, you can remove or add members of the group by editing the group from “Group Details” page.
How can I remove myself from a group?
As a member you can remove yourself from a group by selecting the “exit” button in the “Group Settings” page.
How does Bubblenet make money?
Bublenet’s makes money by charging a subscription fee. Please see our “Pricing” section in Bublnet website.
Is Bubblenet free to use?
Bubblenet has free plan several features. Please visit pricing section at www.bubblenet.me for more information.
How do I get help if I have an issue?
If you need technical support from the Bubblenet team, please send us an email at help@bubblenet.me with clear description of your issue.
Can I add members from other countries?
No, Bubblenet only works in the U.S.A.
Can I send and receive payments?
Money transfers work only within a group. To receive payments, you must create a group as a group owner. To send payments, the receiver must create a group and invite you as a group member.
How does recurring payment work?
In Bubblenet, you can set recurring payments for weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly recurring charges. The start date you set while creating the group will be the first payment date. The subsequent transfer date will be calculated based on the recurrence you set.
  • For weekly, let’s say you set Tuesday as the start date. The recurring transfer will occur every Tuesday until the end date you set in the group.
  • For monthly, if you set 5th of the month as the start date, then the recurring payment will be occur on the 5th day of every month until the end date set in the group.
  • For quarterly, if you set 5th of the month as the start date, then the recurring payment will be set as the 5th day of every 3rd month until the end date you set in the group.
  • How can I stop a payment?
    As a group member, you can stop the payment by exiting from the group. In addition, you can also delete the Bank Account from “Settings - Payments” in your Bubblenet app. Please note: you must exit from the group that uses the Bank Account before deleting it from “Setting – Payments.” As a group owner, if you decide to no longer receive payments from a group’s members, you can delete the entire group by opening group settings page and selecting “Delete” at the bottom of the list.
    What if I want to cancel a payment?
    Bubblenet currently does not have the option to cancel one payment in a recurring transfer. You can exit from the group to stop the payment for that recurring transfer period, and ask the group owner to add you again in next recurring period.
    Can I do one-time payments through Bubblenet?
    Yes, you can make a one-time payments. The person who should receive the payment should create a group and set the recurrence as “one-time.”
    How long does the transfer take?
    ACH transfer usually takes 3 business days to complete. It certain instances it may take up to 5 business days.
    How do I connect to my bank account?
    We use Plaid to connect your bank account with our payment partner Dwolla. Plaid provides a secure and user-friendly interface to link your bank account. You have two options to connect with the bank account:
  • Instant Account Verification or IAV – IAV lets you connect to your bank account using your bank credentials. This method is instantaneous and you can begin initiating money transfers immediately.
  • Micro-deposit Verification – Micro-deposit verification allows you to connect your bank account without providing your bank credentials. You must provide your bank account and routing number. Once you provide the account and routing number, you will receive two small deposits in 3 to 5 days. You will need to note those deposit amounts and enter them in your Bubblenet app to verify your account.
  • What is ACH?
    ACH or Automated Clearing House is an electronic method of transferring money between bank accounts. You can read more about it in this wikipedia page.
    Is Bubblenet secure?
    Bubblenet is hosted in Google Cloud in a secured environment. All data are encrypted by default using advanced encryption algorithms.
    What personal information does Bubblenet collect?
  • Basic info – First name, last name, email address and mobile number of members. We collect this information as part of our user registration and store it in our database.
  • Social network info – We collect your Facebook profile information if you used Facebook to register with Bubblenet.
  • Other – If you use Bubblenet to create or join groups and transfer money, then we collect “Know Your Customer - KYC” data to pass it to our payment provider “Dwolla”. We do not store this information in Bubblenet. KYC data is used by Dwolla to verify customer identity in order to comply with US financial regulations. KYC data includes First name, your address including street, city, zip code and the last 4 digits of your social security number.
  • How does Bubblenet handle personal information and privacy?
    We encrypt all data including personal information stored in Bubblenet. We do not store sensitive personal information in our system such as your home address or your social security number. We take utmost care when it comes to our user privacy. We set our default configurations to highest privacy setting. Please read our privacy policy here for more information.